Champa creates sounds for a captivated audience

YSE 359 - Goa Vol. 55

  YSE 353-DCD - Goa, Vol.54 - Out now !!!  Compiled by CHAMPA

Yellow Sunshine Explosion has come up with the 54th edition of the Goa Vol Series. Compiled by Champa also known as DJ Prozak. This double CD pack is a very carefully selected journey of magic & high quality Progressive and Psychedelic Trance taken from today‘s wide spread range of Goa Trance. We would like to welcome you to this 353rd release of Y.S.E. Dont Miss it !!!

CHAMPA brings to you after three years of solid releases “RISE” 

The Box Set. A compilation of all his hits from 2012 to present. Keeping his passion of Fullon Psychedelic Trance at the forefront of his direction. Undoubtedly a box set worthy of any aspiring or veterans DJ's collection. Groovy bass lines, funky percussive rhythms and a relentless driving melodies. Featuring remixes & collaborations with the Mecca of the underground Trance movement.
Don't miss out on the “RISE” of CHAMPA.

Yellow Sunshine Explosion has come up with the 53rd edition of the Goa Volume series. Compiled by Champa also known as DJ Prozak & as a treat has asked the assistance of Slovenia‘s DJane Gaby. This double Cd pack is a very carefully selected journey of magic & high quality Progressive and Psychedelic trance taken from today‘s wide spread range of Goa trance. Featuring artists like Ilai, Paralogue, Opposite8, Zen Mechanics, Side effects, Middle Mode & Relativ. This Cd is a perfect journey throughout our scene, including 12 unreleased tracks from Producers like Side Winder, Soundragon, Mebjar, Tristate, Vimana, Frequencyless, Lunar, Spinney Lainey, Pulsar & Thaihanu.
A special remix from suduaya & as an extra special warm up, 
one from Champa ft. Djane Gaby.

'TIGER' is the second album from psychedelic artist CHAMPA released via Yellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings. After his debut album 'MY SON' was released in 2013 to much critical acclaim CHAMPA has travelled globally with his fullon and uplifting psychedelic sounds. He has collaborated with such artists as Ital, Krunch, Mechanimal and Lisa Lashes as well as charting regularly on Beatport with his solo tracks and EP's on globally renowned labels. 'TIGER' represents a far more mature production approach and takes the listener on a journey through progressive beats to fully charged acid lines layered with trademark vocal samples and unrelenting bass lines. It also introduces the audience to a host of new production talent and collaborative efforts.


Goa Vol.52 Compiled by DJ BIM & Champa Out Now
The 52nd GOA Series release is a very special edition indeed. This is a CD release by head label manager of Y.S.E. Recordings DJ BIM & the UK's outstanding psychedelic trance producer - CHAMPA - A.K.A. DJ Prozak. The CD is a various artists compilation as DJ BIM & CHAMPA have given their very best to give you a straight & clear overview with 9 of the finest productions of progressive & GOA trance releases. Here you will find new, fresh & unreleased floor filler tracks from top acts such as Symbolic & Vertical Mode, Bamboo Forest, E-Clip, Fire Starter, Expect, Zyce, Geo, Mechanimal & Radial! A delight of sounds to begin our journey through sound. 
Dont Miss it!